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Satellite internet is awesome and very quick. What is good about satellite internet service, you can live about anywhere in north america and get high speed ISP provider service. When DSL and cable internet is not an option where you live, it is worth the price for satellite internet. The accelerated dial-up from NetZero, People PC and CopperNet is a huge improvement over normal 56k ISP providers.

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If you are thinking about having your own website, please check out the cheap web hosting links listed above. Good website hosting is no longer just for nerds. Today's low cost web hosting offers more bandwidth and space for a very low price. Included are simple tools to help your experience be a good one. There are a lot of good options to over priced dial-up 56k internet service. Net Zero ISP and People PC internet service providers both cost less than $10 per month. What I really like about People PC, is it will work with Slackware Linux, Mandrake Linux, Red Hat Linux, Mac and more. Copper Net is another good cheaper ISP with rock solid service in the USA, plus access to many parts of Canada. For serious DSL broadband connection, you can not beat the high speed performance of SBC Yahoo, Verizon DSL, Comcast Qwest and Earthlink DSL. What is better? Fast local DSL connection or Cable internet. Companies offering cable internet broadband say their high speed internet provider service is better. As for myself I think local DSL service is much faster.

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