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  • Yagi - Free High Speed Internet: Eliminate monthly internet bills! A true magic wand! Use Yagi antenna to pull in signals from as far as 5 miles away. Up to 54 mbps fast! Yagi is so powerful, it is illegal in some areas. Check local laws. How many FREE WiFi hotspots are near your house? Yagi is great for travel too!
  • PappaDish Free Online Movies & TV Shows! The top 50 sites that provide over one million FREE movies and TV shows. Just connect your computer to your TV, and use your broadband connection.
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  • Free-To-Air Rocks! After spending a month with FTA satellite, you will find cable TV and pay satellite programming is a big rip-off! FTA satellite TV reception is the biggest kept secret in the industry. All you do is buy and install the FTA equipment, then point your dish towards the satellites in the sky. No monthly programming bills....ever! You get some of the same channels provided by pay satellite networks. Sports, news, shows, movies and more. You also get thousands of channels the pay satellite companies don't carry. You get them all free with FTA!

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