About XR77

XR77 was started as a personal website. XR77 is still pretty much a non-profit website. There some links to commercial sites that do help pay for the cost of keeping XR77.com online.
I wanted a webpage with the links to sites that I visited the most. I am also a news junkie, so I found a way to put the most up to date news headlines on my webpage.

I have used other web portal start pages and I didn't like all the banners and pop-ups. There are DHTML pop-ups on sites now that pop-up blockers can't stop! When I built XR77.Com, I promised myself there would never be any advertising banners above the fold, or pesky pop-ups on the main page.
I know that about 45% of you are still using slower dial-up internet, so using any large graphics or flash files was avoided. Even with 56K dial-up, XR77 takes less than a minute to load.
I hope XR77 is as useful for you as it is for me. If you have any ideas on how I can make it better, please shoot me an email. goatmx@yahoo.com
Word of mouth is our best marketing tool. Please tell others about XR77.Com!

Pappa Goose

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